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Easi 12’s brand new EP “Takin’ Chances”.

Our very own Easi 12 has lately dropped his EP ‘Takin’ Chances’. With fresh tunes and a little variation from his ‘Sick-jam Songs’, Easi has packed 7 tracks to this extended play. What’s even cooler is that you will get to hear other artists: Duke and Ace T featuring in his tracks. Unquestionably, you can expect burst […]

DJ Bishow’s “Project Collaboration” with VEK and Fuzz Factory Productions

Next up, we have Vek X DJ Bishow in the house, collaborating for the first time. Their upcoming number, titled “Confession”, is currently under-production. The song is from DJ Bishow’s musical venture: “Project Collaboration”. Vek, once again, has powered the song with his ‘top-notch’ vocals. Likewise, DJ Bishow, who is a Nepali producer based in USA, has done a […]

Vek feat. Lil Rock – “Sangharsha” on the way

ClassX Presentation brings to you our very own, Vek and Lil Rock with their upcoming number, ‘Sangharsha’. Get ready to witness some amazing collaboration in the scene! While currently under production, the video is directed by Anup Sapkota. And, we are all anticipating a fantastic one! Expected to be out soon, the song ‘Sangharsha’ from Vek’s album ‘Sampanna’, is also […]